McConnell's Mill Interior

Here's a bit I wrote about my painted photographs of historical sites:


This is one of my "painted" photos of my treasured places of Pennsylvania and South Carolina.


Interior of McConnell's Mill, Pennsylvania

I'm sorting through a decade of photos, and some of them stand out as shimmering and otherworldly. I love the ones which include old wood, statues, buildings, windows, ruins, brick...anything which speaks to the viewer about the hopes and dreams of the people who built these things.

Particularly dear to my heart are places which house old machines. You can almost hear shouts and the grind of belts and gears as ghosts from the past reenact the life this place once had.

Thanks for looking, and for joining me as I figure out what my art means to me, and what I want to say.

You can see the posterized art photograph here on Etsy, and I have it cropped to various aspect ratios, should you be interested in purchasing the photo (of course, the copyright info does not appear on purchased .jpg files).